Test Your Stream

Free and easy to use web based stream tester utility, show bitrate, audio and video codec, fps and other common configuration.


Geo IP

The geolocation feature will retrieve the location, country, ISP from any IP or hostname from stream URL tested.

Test Location

Test and monitor your stream from multiple location

Monitor List

Create your own private / public test list using monitor, importing and validate bulk stream urls from m3u format, or simple url collections. Register for free

Media Metadata

Know the audio and video codec that is used, the format name, show bitrate, fps and other common configuration

h264 / ac3 : 1920x1080
h264 / aac : 720x404
h264 / mp2 : 1920x1080
mpeg2video / ac3 : 720x480
h264 / mp2 : 1920x1080
h264 / aac : 1920x1080
hevc / aac : 1920x1080
h264 / aac : 1920x1080